Sonos Move Always On and Voice Activated?

  • 3 June 2023
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I am thinking about purchasing a Sonos Move for my master bathroom. I need a wireless speaker that will remain on (in sleep mode) so that whenever I walk into the bathroom, I can just ask Alexa to play music without having to turn on the power button. Is that how the Move operates? Does it have to continuously be in its charging cradle for it to operate like that? Or can it be wireless and continuously be in sleep mode until voice activated? Thank you!


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4 replies

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The Move will go into idle mode after a few minutes of not playing an audio signal. But the microphone can remain on so Alexa will respond to you even when the speaker is idle. This will work if the Move is on the cradle or off the cradle (and the battery still has a charge and Battery Saver is disabled). But it’s best to keep the Move on the charging cradle so it is always fully charged when you need to go portable with it.

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If you never plan to move the Move, why not just buy a One?

Thank you! Just what I needed to know. 👍🏻

To answer the question about purchasing the One, I need the speaker to be wireless and the One needs to be plugged in. Plus, the Move is bigger and a better quality speaker. Thanks.