Sonos Move adds + drops from system immediately

  • 17 June 2023
  • 2 replies

Got a new Sonos Move and can add it to house system no problem. Within 2-3 minutes of playback, it will no longer be available in the system screen and pop up a “Error 1001” when trying to change song/anything in the Sonos app despite still playing original track (using Spotify as the source). 

Have factory reset it + added it back into the system more than a dozen times, restarted our wifi/router, etc. Nothing works and it drops out/isn’t recognized within minutes. I just added a Sub Mini to our system the same day we got both and it’s had absolutely no issues. 

also have a S1 Play5 gen 1 on our network for my office and am wondering if that’s throwing things off? It’s on a completely separate system, but is the only anomaly I can think of. Or the boost that the rest of the system is on?


  • Move
  • 6x Play1 (g1+g2) in various rooms/surround/stereo setups
  • 1x Sub mini
  • 1x beam
  • 1x Play5 (g2)
  • 1x boost
  • 1x S1 Play5 (g1) on separate S1 system (3.5mm plug in only)

TYIA for any and all help! This is the only time a Sonos product has categorically failed at…literally everything since unboxing it. 


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2 replies

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Error 1001 seems a connection error. Could you describe your wifi network? Are the rest of your Sonos devices also wifi connected or do you use Sonosnet (the Move is wifi only)?

Wifi network is AT&T Fiber/gigabit connection into an Orbi mesh network, with a Sonos Boost connected at the first point. Every Sonos except for the Move (which cannot connect to Sonosnet) is on Sonosnet via the Boost, not wifi. Maybe that’s it?