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  • 17 March 2024
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Sonos Move is set up with other (wired) Sonos speakers and soundbars in an Alexa group called “downstairs”, controlled by an Echo Dot with a clock.  System used to work flawlessly but lately when I ask Alexa to play music, the Move does not play. It will only play if I ask Alexa to play SiriusXM. If I ask her to play any other music (Amazon, Apple, etc) all the speakers play, EXCEPT for the Move. I’ve performed all the suggestions such as disabling/enabling the sinus skill, logging in/out of both the Sonos and Alexa apps,etc etc. I don’t know what to try next?  And I don’t understand what changed to make it not work anymore. Help?


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5 replies

Is this an S1 or S2 system? If it is S1, check the pop-up notice lower on this page.

Idk - how would I know S1 from S2?

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Go to Settings > System > About my system > Sonos OS > look for S1 or S2

It’s S2

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Since it’s S2 and not S1 (which is/was having Alexa problems) I suggest you reproduce the issue and within ten minutes run a diagnostic. Record the reference ID here in your next post. Tomorrow call Sonos Tech support to discuss the findings.