Sonos Move 2: Unboxing and 1st Impressions

  • 22 September 2023
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Received my two Move 2’s today...really excited to finally have them. I sold my two previous Moves but didn’t realize how much I’d miss them until they were gone. I used the Moves in my office to listen to music or when I wanted to listen without disturbing the wife. Here are my impressions thus far…


The experience was on par with unboxing an Apple product. Clean and Simple. One pull tab and you’re in. Very eco-friendly. I’m really digging the Olive color as it really looks cool. A nice change from my original black Moves (and/or the white). Both Move 2’s arrived with 31% battery charge.


  1. Plug in the Charging Ring
  2. Set the Move 2 on the charging ring
  3. Open the Sonos app
  4. Follow the animations 

The entire process took approximately 7-10 minutes from start to finish including acquiring my network, update and enabling Alexa.


One Move 2 is definitely an improved sound over the original Move. The two outward angled tweeters present a much wider sound stage vs the downward facing tweeter into a tuning wave in the original Move.

Lows are low; if I can say that? It’s a shame we can’t set a reference point with a bonded sub. I guess I’ll have to wait for Peter Pee’s analysis. Vocals are more pronounced with no dip as far as I can tell. Every aspect of the Move 2 sonically is a welcome treat vs the original Move (IMO).

I have two Move 2’s that I use in stereo pair. The expanded sound stage with the angled tweeters x 4 is incredible for speakers of their size. I’d encourage anyone with the requisite funds to strongly consider the Move 2 in stereo pair.


Bluetooth (BT) pairing is simple and straight forward. Just press the BT button on the rear, wait for the LED on the top front to turn blue and flash, grab your device and select the Move 2 in it’s BT settings. Easy-Pee-Zee! The sound IMO is rich and robust.

Using Move 2’s as a stereo pair in BT mode is possible; but only when on your network. The sound stage again is wide and open. I will say there was a slight delay (about 2-3 seconds) for both Move 2’s to join together.

I suspect the Move 2’s had to recognize that they were on my network and OK to play as a stereo pair. Of course the previous sentence has no basis in fact...just my SWAG (Scientific Wild Axx Guess😂

Using the Move 2’s as a BT gateway to other Sonos was spot on. I joined a pair of Era 300’s with sub to the BT mix with no issues. As the Move 2’s and the Era 300 stereo pair were in the same room….It was instant party time 😎

Interesting Point

I found that controlling the volume with the slide trough on the Move 2 is more precise than using the controller in the app. It’s probably true for all Sonos speakers … I just didn’t pay close enough attention. LOL


Well, that’s all for now. Would like to read your thoughts regarding the Move 2.

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Battery runtime is significantly longer for MOVE 2.

Very minor point: I prefer the charging ring profile of the original MOVE.

I agree that the stereo sound stage is improved.

I haven’t yet decided if I like the Volume slide on the EVA 300’s, but I mostly use a controller or Alexa to adjust Volume, and therefore have not developed a muscle memory for its location. MOVE 2 impresses me similarly. Both the EVA’s and MOVE 2’s are typically located such that I cannot easily see the controls as I attempt to use them. (And the speakers are black in a not so well lit area.)

Third world issue: I keep MOVE’s on a high shelf. When attempting to bring them down for portable use I grab them with one hand and mash all of the controls — resulting in gross Volume adjustments, pause/skip/play. What a mess if they are Grouped! I never seem to learn.

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I received my new green Move 2 yesterday and really like it. I have kept my original Move which is now in my spare bedroom.

I had kept the original Move’s draw string bag as it is used in the Move carry case when I want to take it away on my hols. Now I can take either Move as the spare charging ring I had bought for this purpose, will work with either speaker.

A 3rd world improvement for MOVE 2 is that there is a USB-C connector on the charger. This allows the charging cord to be disconnected while passing through a small opening in a desktop or cabinet.