Sonos Move 2 Microphone Issues

  • 1 March 2024
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New Sonos Move 2 unboxed, managed to add to system no problem, however several settings toggles will not toggle in app. Key one being auto-true play, but also the power saving mode. Also seem to have an issue installing any voice services. Have not encountered this issue before on any products.


Have tried factory reset of the Move 2 (Via the Off / On + bluetooth power cycle), and have checked the microphone switch is turned to on.

 App & system firmware updated to latest version, have tried both iPhone + iPad apps. 


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2 replies

When you mention the ‘microphone switch’ which one do you mean, as there are two switches on the Move 2? There’s the switch on the rear of the speaker to disable the mic completely, or there is the top-panel ‘voice services’ switch by the mic LED - Have you enabled both?

Issue appeared to be charge level, out of the box was at 20%, left to charge to 100% and reset again. This seems to have resolved the issue