Sonos most frustrating product ever

  • 6 August 2022
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I can’t seem to get Sonos working consistently.  After playing around with it for an hour or so each time, I can SOMETIMES get my Sonos Roam connected to my iPad. So frustrating and all the explanations on how to make it work are mind boggling. Does anyone have simple (underline simple) instructions on how to get them to work? Otherwise I’m shipping them back to Sonos collect and they can bin them! 



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1 reply

You need to provide a little more information - what type of connection to your iPad are you referring to? Is it…

  • WiFi connection to the Sonos App
  • Airplay2 connection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • App API ‘Connect’ connection

What are you trying to do exactly and what difficulties are you encountering? Also what steps have you done so far post-setup in the S2 App & registration?