Signal dropping for 1 out of 2 Roams

  • 4 June 2021
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I have recently purchased 2 Roams for stereo sound on my terrace and I am seeing some issues with one of them - it’s constantly disconnecting when the WiFi network is changed. I’ll explain my setup and I mention I tried resetting both devices to factory settings and adding all WiFi networks to the list -  It looks to me like there’s an issue with that particular Roam, because the other one doesn’t experience any of these issues.


Here’s my setup: I have an apartment and a terrace at the next floor, where I get to via stairs. To make WiFi work reliably everywhere, I have a router in the apartment and a powerline extender via the electric grid on the terrace - the SSID is the same for both, they are linked via OneMesh, so when signal fluctuates, the WiFi doesn’t drop on my mobile device and it’s rebalanced. When I run internet speed tests, I get 600 Mb/s in the apartment and 110 Mb/s on the terrace. I use 2 separate SSIDs, one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz, but I am always connected to the 5 Ghz one because it’s faster. Signal never drops on any other device I own.

Here’s the problem: I listen to music in the apartment, then I grab both Roams and go to the other corner of the terrace and change the song. At that point, one of the Roams keeps playing and the other disconnects - no music playing and the device shows up with a red status in the Sonos app. However, after some time, the ‘deffective’ Roam manages to grab some signal and starts playing, at that point it rarely disconnects if I stay in that same place for larger periods of time. 


If I grab the Roams and go back to the apartment downstairs, the ‘deffective’ Roam grabs signal again and all is good. The other one never loses signal.


I tried various combos, like disconnecting from the WiFi on my mobile device and reconnecting to 2.4 Ghz, powering up and down the Roam, resetting to factory, nothing helped. It's always the same Roam which keeps disconnecting. I love the Roams 90% of the time, but these disconnects are making the experience unpleasant, since I don’t want to have to fiddle with connecting a device to WiFi everytime I change locations.


It would be great to solve this issue once and for all, let me know what you think.



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3 replies

Submit a Diagnostic and post the confirmation number here or contact Support. SONOS staff has access to the Diagnostic.

Have you swapped physical locations of the ROAM’s when this happens? Are the ROAM’s bonded as a stereo pair?

Yes, the Roams are usually bonded in stereo. Yes, I swap physical locations, but one always keep working and the other stops.


Diagnostic 1038103576

This just happened again and the speakers were not moved at all, I just turned both on:


Diagnostic 1405830710. Can someone help?