Should I get the roam?

  • 8 April 2023
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Hi there,

I currently have 2 x bluetooth speakers that I use outside (Ultimate Ears Boom 3) which I can connect together and use them as a pair.

I have a Sonos system indoors, but want a speaker that I can integrate with the existing Sonos system indoors, instead of using the 2 bluetooth speakers above.  

Just for context, we have in the lounge:- Sonos Beam gen 1, 2 x Play ones and in the kitchen 2 x Play ones.  So can I integrate either the Roam or the Move onto the main system, so say, the Kitchen and Roam/Move playing the same music in the garden?  Or have I misunderstood?

Is this a good idea to replace these 2 speakers with the Roam, I was looking at the voice activated one for the £20 extra.  I’m not sure I would use the voice activation bit, I as I just tinker with my phone to change the music anyway, as often Alexa doesn’t play what I want.

Or would the Move better - it would just be used in the house or garden, so not for travel.  

What is the sound quality like?

Sorry for all the questions, but these speakers are not cheap and I don’t want to make a mistake.

Thanks in advance.



1 reply

Do you have good WiFi coverage outside?