Safe to use Sonos Move Charging Base in protected exterior application?

  • 2 January 2023
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I would love to mount my Sonos Moves to the ceiling of my covered porch, about 1.5 feet in from the edge. I’m pretty confident it would not get wet or sun exposure. It might get a light freeze (27 degrees) on occasion.


I see the Sonos Move Charging Base is designed for indoor use only. Is this protected exterior application safe to use the charging base? Would it be any better/safer to use PD Charger and USB-C cord? Would a light freeze harm the speaker? 


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2 replies

You might want to check the operating temperatures listed, but either way, non-standard use would likely cancel any warranty.

If it were me, I’d consider true outdoor speakers, and power them with a Sonos Amp from inside my home. 

Operating specs are at the end of this article.