Roam wont stay Paired

  • 27 April 2021
  • 3 replies

When my Roam is paired with another Sonosspeaker the pairing wont stay connected. The Roam continues to stream music, but the connected Sonos One audio goes in and out. 

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3 replies

I think you mean grouped, not paired.  Pairing specifically refers to using two identical speakers always playing together in stereo, while grouping refers to speakers in different Sonos rooms temporarily playing the same audio, but can be at different volumes.

So this sounds like a network connection issue.  When you play the Sonos One by itself, does it have the same in/out issues?  Is the One wired or connected to your router via WiFi?

You may want to  submit a diagnosticthen contact Sonos support for help.




I dont have this issue with any groupings of my other 4 Sonos One units...But when I group the Roam, the rest of the speaker audio go in and out.


I dont believe this is a network issue, unless the Roam is modifying the network while grouped with other Sonos speakers.

The Roam doesn’t access the network in the same way the rest of your speakers do.  For most homes, one speaker is wired to your network, which then creates a mesh network, separate from your WiFi, for your other speakers.  The Roam, and the Move, cannot connect to the Sonos mesh network.  Because they are mobile, they work directly off your WiFi network.  So it actually does make sense that everything is fine when grouping without the Roam, but has dropouts when the Roam is included.

Try starting playback on one of your Sonos Ones, then add in the Roam to make a group.  Do you get dropouts that way?  Try the reverse, start playback on the Roam, then add Sonos Ones.