Roam Won't Turn On... I've tried the "hold the button for 12 sec"

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Saying not using a PD charger or a charger with a higher capacity than Roam requirements can cause damage is scaremongering and not true (except that it could be said ‘any’ charger could be faulty and cause ‘damage’) - yet you said both.  Contrary to what you say above, I never suggested asking if a PD charger was being used was scaremongering, that’s a silly twist of words to suit.

No - it’s merely a case that a PD certified charger from version 1.0 to 3.1 will work to charge the Roam - The 5v (@ 3A) is one of its dedicated voltages, (now upto a 240w capacity in the latest version) - so it should work - that’s the point. It’s not a twist at all.

I’m not ‘reading’ into anything - the other aspects were responding to points you wrongly made imho - especially the irrelevant Google, Apple assertions etc. to justify PD when Sonos has no need of it.

Yes although what I said is true, it is perhaps irrelevant and off topic in relation to the thread… but the justification is that a PD certified charger should work in every case to charge the Roam, unless of course it just happened to have a fault, or the cable is faulty. The discussion here though is pointless, as the charger being used was the proprietary Sonos charger anyway.🤷‍♂️ A good alternative however, is to still use a PD certified charger as it ‘will’ work in its place. There are other chargers that may not.

I just had the same issue, but it just is came back to life when I double charged it.  What is mean is putting it on a generic qi charger and also plugged in the USB c.  The orange light came on.  Than after 5 mins it fired up.  State of charge was low.  

May be give this a try.