Roam red control light shines while beeing totaly turned off.

  • 20 August 2021
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I turned the device fully off (5 sec. turn off) and put it next to my bed. I noticed the bottom light to be illuminated very slightly in red. It’s not charging or anything. I just turned the roam off by pressing the button for 5 sec. and there seems to be a constant release of light.

Is this only my unit or what’s going on? Off should be of and not little red light shines that you can almost not see it. 

It’s not the same elimination as if the battery is down. It’s like 2% of this elimination power.


Thanks for help & feedback 



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Complete power down takes at least 7 seconds.  Give the power button a longer press.

Note a red battery light (not an amber light) on a battery powered portable Sonos product may infer the device is experiencing a fault condition. If you see a red battery light and condition persists, the suggestion is you should perhaps contact Sonos Support. See this support page link:

However some users report that they are able to resolve the condition themselves by these steps…

  1. Whilst off its charger, long-press on the Roam’s rear power button for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Return to USB-C charger, which has a power-output between 5v/1.5A and 5v/3A (ideally 5v/2.1A) and leave charging for approx. one hour
  3. Repeat step-1 off the charger again. If no joy, then contact Sonos Support

Thanks for the answers. But this is different. The device is working well. I‘m not talking about the red light being on or signaling a mall function. It’s hardly seeable. Sort of a rest illumination in the LED. Maybe a reason for the drain people are complaining about… You can barely see it. Only in complete darkness. But it’s still there after powering off the device. Also after waiting for over seven seconds or more. Can someone please tell me if they have the same phenomenon?

In this picture the light is on if you look through the grids like in the picture above. A constant very small illumination that looks like a drainer. Or is there a reason for the functionality of the device to have this?


I am not able to see the ‘battery’ LED on my ‘powered-off’ Roam (nor is that light showing when powered on). I just see the ‘status’ and ‘mic’ LED’s at the other end, but the ‘battery’ LED does display for a while when the device is first connected to a charger, but then switches off completely.

I’ve tried looking at it in a darkened room up-close and by trying to see through the holes in the grill, but it appears to not be continually lit… perhaps submit another diagnostic report and post the reference back here, then try the three steps mentioned in my earlier post and see if that resolves it for you… if not, then maybe get in touch with the support staff via the link provided.

Ok, will do so. Thanks for taking the time and giving me that Feedback. 
Is there anybody else who checked their red light?