Roam playing music but app says it's powered off

  • 16 July 2023
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I have a problem with my roam

When i turn it on and press play it connects to the last radio station, so it usese the wifi but when i try to access the setings from the sonos app it just sees it ppwer off.

What can i do pls?

Already tryed the 12 swconds reset and did nothing.


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2 replies

What device is the controller running on (pad/phone/computer)? For some reason the controller has not noticed that ROAM is awake. Maybe the controller will eventually figure this out, but the human will be annoyed by this delay. A first workaround would be to close and restart the controller. I’m not super confident that this will result in a permanent fix. Reinstalling or resetting the controller is another approach with a higher chance of success, but it’s more work and still might not result in a permanent fix. If asked while resetting or reinstalling “join” an existing system, do not setup a new system.

Avoid any Factory Resets without further consult. That 12 second reset is not a Factory Reset.

Likely there is a WiFi issue that needs to be addressed. We’ll need more information about your SONOS system components and your network setup. Router? WiFi Mesh Points? Network switches? Controller device?

Is the controller awake when you start ROAM? Part of the controller wake-up process searches for units that are awake. If the controller is already awake or struggling to connect with SONOS units when you start ROAM, the controller might not immediately notice that ROAM is now online.

The controller is a tp link wifi 6 router with 3 wifi 6 range extenders throughout the house linked in a our mesh network.

I did reset the router and that did the trick this time.