Roam not connecting to wifi - due toe hotel router?

  • 10 December 2022
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Hi there! I have a special situation: I am an exchange student and this week bought a Sonos Roam for in my room. I had assumed it would be no problem to connect to the wifi here in my university dormitory here, because every room got their own small router.

But, as it turns out, it does not work. I always get stuck at the step where my Roam has been installed on the network, but that I have to restart my Roam so that it will become visible in Systems in the Sonos app. It never appears though, whatever troubleshooting steps I go through and however long Sonos is searching for the Roam.

Eventually, I installed my Sonos on the network of the hotspot of my laptop (for which my laptop just uses the room wifi of course). So the problem should not be with my Sonos or my phone, I would say, but only with the router. Does anyone have any clue why that would be? It is just a regular router satisfying Sonos’s requirements, with just a long network name and a long password. This is the model by the way (you can Google Translate the page): Simple package version hotel router - WRH-300WH-H (

Thank you for thinking with me about the cause! Perhaps we can figure it out somehow? Or otherwise I will have to wait until I am home to use my Sonos as it should be :’)


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Hotel, company and uni networks are almost always set up so the connected devices cannot talk to each other - so you cannot play music form someone else’s laptop. This however also prevents your phone from talking to your Sonos devices. If allowed by your networks’s administrator a travel router can be the solution. This router connects to the uni network on the one hand and form than has it’s own network to which you connect your phone and the Sonos.

Ah, thank you! Just bought this one, will let you know if it works!

It works!! Thanks a lot :) :)