Roam - not connecting consistently

  • 11 May 2024
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I’ve got a Roam, alongside a One, Play:1 and Connect. They are all updated, the Roam has a full battery. Everything connected to wifi. I use Spotify. So all should be honky dory. 

Only when wanting to use the Roam, it’s such a faff and requires patience, which really shouldn’t be the case. 

Example, from todayl. I turn it on, it appears up in the app. I add it to the speakers which are playing. Go back to the song, and it removes Roam (never played). 

Sometimes it comes on after a while. Today I switched all the other speakers off and use voice to get it to play music, and then added the others. Only it’s never really that consistent. 

Any tricks? Tips?


0 replies

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