roam keeps cutting out

  • 1 May 2024
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My sonos roam keeps cutting out whilst listening to the radio. I listen to virgin radio that cuts out every minute for about 5 seconds. This also happens on the Global App. 

If you listen to BBC sounds or Spotify, all is fine with no cut outs. I have been in contact with the tech support and sent countless  data back to them as well as  countless resets. I have also contacted my Internet provider and switched the channels for both 5hz and 2.5hz for ones that have no interference.  The firmware of my router was also updated.

I personally think that this is an app issue as switching back and forth between the stations shows that there can be stability on certain ones.

Any ideas?

1 reply

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Hello @Snipertech7, welcome back!

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your Sonos Roam audio cutting out while playing Radio.
Seeing that you’ve been in contact with our support, I had a look on your case and a member of our Escalations team has reached out to schedule a call with you earlier today.
I would recommend you continue your case with our Escalation team and I hope you can get the help you need with the audio interruption problem you are facing.
Feel free to reply here and let us know the outcome.