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  • 2 June 2021
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I have recently bought a One SL speaker, and 2 Roam speakers. I managed to set up the One SL and 1 of the Roam speakers with no noticable problems. The other Roam speaker however:

  • Keeps going offline after it has been online (and being used) for a couple of minutes
  • I have tried resetting it a couple of times (i.e. long hold on power button, then restart with finger on ‘Play/Pause’ button), but I still have the same problem.
  • Each time I have reset it, a message comes up saying that it is not registered, and each time I register it. I don’t know if that is relevant.

Any suggestions?



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5 replies

I am having the exact same problem and my reliably working Move is also doing this now. This has nothing to do with us (users or our networks). This is Sonos’ incompetence. All the answers in this forum are complete bull. 

I also use Eero on bridge mode with my Firewalla Gold router. The devices are online per Eero and Firewalla. Sonos screwed up something and still can not figure out how to solve it is my guess to this situation. Or based on these answers does not even acknowledge that there is a problem.

I have a whole house full of Sonos products and only Two Roams and one Move does not work and that started since roam came to my house. 

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Hi @Neil Harris 

Do you have any other WiFi access points? Any extenders/boosters or Sky Q boxes? If so, please try turning them off to see if it improves things for the second Roam.

It would also be worth queueing something up on the Roam and when it goes offline, press Play on the unit. If it starts playing, then the issue is likely more to do with the app communicating with the Roam than with the Roam not being connected to the network.

In either case, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system.

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Try rebooting your router.

If you move the Roam closer to the main router, does it make a difference?

Is your router close enough to your One SL that you could directly connect it to the router with an ethernet cable?

The ‘eero Pro’ mesh network. Also recently installed - and working OK with all other devices.

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What router are you using?