Roam factory defaults after power off

  • 13 July 2023
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My Sonos Roam has severe configuration issues. When it shuts down, not standby, and I wait for couple hours, it is back in factory defaults, green LED and needs to be linked again.

This happened before occasionaly once a month, now it happens daily. I have good wifi coverage, client steering disabled, and IP address fixed. Nothing helps.

The most anoying point is that almost every time I want to use bluetooth it has lost the config snd I must go back to the home network to couple again. Total useless device when on vacation.

Is there a way I can avoid losing the config or is it just broken?



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1 reply

Hi @Netzfischer,
Unless you’re mistakenly pressing it’s multifunctional buttons incorrectly, from your brief description, the Roam does sound faulty, but one would really have to observe how your are using the buttons/controls to be sure if anything was wrong, one way, or the other.

Here is some information on how the Roams buttons/controls work, see the support page below and the links off it, in particular the ‘product guide’ is worth an in-depth read.

If you believe the product is still faulty after reading through the product guide, then I would perhaps grab a diagnostic report with the Roam showing in the controller App, note it’s reference, and then go onto contact Sonos Support about the problem. Here is a link to contact them:

Hope you get the matter sorted.👍