Roam doesn't work with WiFi Extenders

  • 21 April 2021
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Received my Roam today and it looks and sounds great.  However, I get a message that it doesn’t work with WiFi extenders.  What’s the point?  All of my other speakers (8 in total) work fine. I initially bought this to “roam” my property, but am having trouble on a fast Internet/WiFi setup.  I get WiFi on every other device in our area of use, but not the Roam. Please fix in a software update.

4 replies

Hi. What extenders are you using? Are they set up in "bridge" (access point) mode?

Do they have the same SSID and password as the main router? Are they set to the same wireless channel?

Sonos does not support wireless extenders for any speaker- but that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work. 

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Using Netgear RAX120 and AEX6000, but my Port is wired, thus not needing the WiFi, as it should be hooked up to the SonosNet bypassing my home network.  It works sometimes, but not always like my nine other speakers.

I have this issue as well with the same router, but a different wifi extender.  If there is a power surge or any interruption, everything has to be set up again.  This is hit or miss as the Roam will default to the wireless extender every single time even though 1 of 10 speakers is plugged in.  This is a serious problem Roam that detracts from its usefulness.

It is proving to be a nightmare. Spent 40 mins with Sonos support trying to connect my roam and didn’t expect to need to completely reset my WiFi system extenders and gave up at this point. After the S1/S2 debacle this is another black mark on what used to be an outstanding system. Is it really beyond the Sonos engineers to create a product that works with a fairly vanilla WiFi set up? All the other Sonos products do.