roam connection and update problem

  • 4 November 2023
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I have a new roam speaker. But i think there is a problem with it.

Every time the USB-C mains power is connected,  First the bottom LED flashes red, then the top LED flashes white slowly, after a few minutes this LED lights up continuously. Then the device is visible in the system for connection, but you can't get any further than connecting and an update is needed, but every time an error message is displayed. Error 1008.That's problem 1Problem 2 is the doubt about the operation of the on/off button on the back.The device has been connected to the mains for more than 24 hours, so the battery should be charged.But without a connection via USB-C to the mains voltage, I can't get anything out of the device. Normally you could switch your device on and off via this button, but nothing happens. Even if I don't hold anything for a long time, ....So I'm at a loss.

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2 replies

What did they say when you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it? Are you using the Sonos brick charger on your USB C cable?

Answer from sonos support>> speaker battery is dead and possible more problems.

The speaker is planned to replace by sonos.