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  • 3 May 2021
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Got my Roam a few weeks ago, connected to my system and played a few songs to test it out. 

Came back to it and it’s now missing from the app. The light is blinking orange when not charging and solid orange when charging. 

one of the help articles instructed me to do a factory reset which starts by unplugging and press/hold the rear button until I hear a chime. But I never hear a chime and it never turns off. 

I can’t get the rear button to do anything and thus can’t reconnect it. 









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4 replies

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Sounds to me like it needs to be charged. How long have you charged it for? How are you charging it?

@GuitarSuperstar yep, that did it. I switched out the charger for a more powerful one and after a few hours it was charged enough to work.

I think the FAQs for the lights should reflect that orange can mean it’s charging. Also you’d like that opening a week charging on a low power adapter would’ve at least given it some charge.



I have left the roam plugged in for weeks and have not used it. I just noticed the solid orange light when plugged in and a blinking orange light when unplugged. The Sonos app shows the device off line and anything I try in terms of holding the power button does nothing. The device is effectively a $170 blinking or solid orange LED. 

Plugged in to what? Specifically, what are the power ratings for what you have it plugged in to?