Removing microphone from Sonos Move 2

  • 4 June 2024
  • 1 reply

I would like to buy a Sonos Move 2 but I am concerned about the security of IoT devices, especially when microphones are involved. I understand that the microphone button disables the microphone at the hardware level, but this is not enough. I am assuming Sonos does not have an official guide on how to physically remove the microphone module from the device, and also that this would probably void the warranty. But has anyone here done it, and how difficult was it?

1 reply

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If you are concerned about speakers equipped with microphones, then you should consider getting a different Sonos speaker without a microphone. If you want a portable speaker, get the Roam SL. If portability doesn’t matter, get a One SL. Removing the microphone from a Move is not a good option.