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  • 27 June 2022
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I currently have an Arc and Sub 3 together as I system. I know it will not do surround sound but I have a pair of Move’s coming. I think this will be a good little casual listening system for my upstairs. 


My question is how do I add the two new Move’s? I believe that I add each one as a different room and then I pair the two Moves. 


I also was wondering about syncronizing volume between the three parts of the system, Sub, Arc and Moves. Is this at all automated so that they are balanced with one another or do I just adjust each volume independently by ear until I have the balance to my liking? Thanks very much for your help. Cheers.


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Yes you can set the Moves as separate rooms and pair then later (as a stereo pair). You will also be given the option to set them as a Stereo pair during initial setup. 

What follows requires that the Moves be in Wi-Fi mode and not Bluetooth:

When you get the speakers (Moves and Arc/Sub) setup as you like you can group the rooms together to play in sync. The volume will not auto adjust to the same level for each speaker/room. However, you can sync the levels via the Sonos app on your device. Just understand that the audio from the Arc is processed differently than the audio on the Moves.

That said the visual audio adjustment seen in Sonos app on your device although it may appear the same the output level (volume) may still be different between the Arc and Moves. So you may have to manaually adjust the volume to achieve the desired levels for each speaker/room. Fortunately the levels can be adjusted independently via the Sonos app on your device vs using the touch controls.

Grouping can be done via the app on your device or by starting the music in one room and pressing the Play/Pause touch control on the speakers in another room. The grouping can be broken in the same manner (pressing Play/Pause on a grouped speaker).


  1. The Arc and Sub work as a single unit. Meaning that low frequencies are transmitted to the Sub by the Arc. Raising or lowering the volume on the Arc will do the same for the Sub accordingly. You do have the option raise or lower the level (intensity of LFE) of the sub via the Sonos app for the room that the sub is located in. 
  2. The sub cannot be bonded to the Moves
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@AjTrek1 Thank you for the prompt and useful reply. As it stands now, my Arc and Sub 3 are as you say bonded and will be seen as being in one room.

When I go to add the Moves should I have the Arc and Sub 3 turned off, join the two Moves one at a time through the Sonos App, then pair them as a stereo pair. Following that, should I then turn on the Arc and Sub and then group what I assume would be two rooms together? 

Or would each of the Moves be added by the app as a room? Sorry for being a little dense. 

May I ask, you said during setup I would be able to add the Moves as a stereo pair, so when I read that I took it to mean that if I turn on both Moves at the same time the app would see if I wanted to stereo pair them at the same time. If I am not asking to much, would you be able to note the process as step 1, step 2 step 3 …. I do better with a clear delineation such as that.

You have been extremely helpful and I very much appreciate your guidance.  

Follow this link to add a new device.  Do this for each new Move:


Follow this link to stereo pair the new Moves:


Don't worry about room names for the individual units, pick anything.  You can rename the paired room at the end.

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Actually there is no “off” button for any Sonos product. You would essentially have to remove them from electrical power to as you say “turn them off”. Sonos products are always on although they may go into a stand/by or low power mode. However, there is no need to power off existing Sonos speakers to add new ones.

When you plug the Moves in and open the Sonos App to > Settings > System  > + Add Product the Moves will appear. Just follow the app animations to complete the setup and add them to your Sonos system.

As I said earlier when you start the setup process you will be prompted to add a Move as a room to your system. Since both Moves are plugged in after the first one is setup the app will automatically ask you if you would like to setup the second Move and/or add them together as a stereo pair.

Follow the instructions in the link for Grouping/Ungrouping of speakers:

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Thank you both for your help. It seems that I should have more than enough information to get up and running. I will certainly report back to the thread once I have my Moves integrated. This is a very new experience for me going with small speakers. My main listening system features Monitor Audio PL200 speakers with a pair of SVS SB 2000 Pro subs, but my listening habits are changing.

I now find that I am more often than not going to be entertaining small groups where the music is best pleasant in the background, but if people feel like getting their party on and dancing or the room gets loud I want a simple and yet capable system and I think the Sonos gear will do the trick. Perhaps in another year I will add a second sub, but for now I think one will be enough as the room is somewhat small and being a square it already has a tendency to be a little boomy anyhow.

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Just to clarify: as @AjTrek1 says, the Moves cannot be bonded to the Arc. This means they cannot be used as surrounds.

And one more bit of info… you can have two Subs as part of your HT system (i.e. bonded to the Arc) provided at least one is a gen 3 Sub (which it will be if you buy it new).  However, you cannot bond a Sub to a Move, nor to a pair of Moves.  If you need to move the Moves around very frequently they are a good choice.  If not, I wonder if you would be better off with a pair of Fives, which would give you superior sound (significantly superior, IMO) and the ability to add a Sub.  A pair of Ones or One SLs plus a Sub also give a great result.

The Move and Roam do in fact have a power on /off button.  Non-portable products do not.