Potential Bug: Sonos Ace starting volume a bit high

  • 6 June 2024
  • 1 reply

I’ve noticed the Sonos Ace on the lowest possible volume step on my iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pixel 8 Pro are quite a bit louder than competing headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5 and AirPods Max. 

When the Ace are at like 5%, that volume is equivalent to around 15% on the Sonys and 20% on the AirPods Max.

Not sure if this is an intentional design decision or not, but given that adjustments at low volume on the Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone barely seem to move the volume up, I wanted to flag it.


Devices tested on: iPhone 15 Pro Max, Pixel 8 Pro


Sonos Ace Mode: Wireless, Bluetooth Connection


Headphones benchmarked against: Sony WH1000XM5, AirPods Max

1 reply

I’d second this - the lowest possible volume is way louder than with any other headphone.