Pairing a second device with Sonos Roam

  • 8 May 2022
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I listen to music on my Samsung phone and my iPad.  With my old JBL speaker I could easily switch between the two and it also allowed multiple other devices which it stored in the register.  The Roam appears not to allow this and unless I remove the Roam from my phone’s Bluetooth register, it will not pair with my iPad - also vice versa.  If this an issue that can’t be resolved and I have to pair each device afresh each time, the Roam is going back to the store.  A pity as it’s a lovely bit of kit, but can’t be arsed with all the faff if it doesn’t allow itself to be stored on multiple devices.


any help gratefully received - thanks


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5 replies

All you’d need to do is turn off the Bluetooth on the device you don’t want the Sonos to latch on to. And turn on Bluetooth on the other device. That would allow the Roam to ‘see’ the other device it has been paired with, and allow it to connect with it. No need to ‘remove’ a device from the ‘register’.

Thanks Airgetlam,  you would think wouldn’t you?

But that’s exactly the issue - my Roam will not do this.  Even if I unpair from the Samsung, I cannot pair with another device unless I remove Sonos from the Samsung’s Bluetooth register. Similarly with the iPad.  I have to physically Forget the device each time I want to connect to another.  It seems as if the Sonos can only hold one device at a time in its register. 

I read somewhere that up to 8 devices can be stored but not with the Roam it appears.

A post script :   I forgot to add that unless I remove the Sonos from each device, the pair function will not activate on the Roam, as soon as I do, it permits me to pair.  A major fault unless there is a solution.

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Have you tried rebooting the Roam? Press and hold the button on the back for 5 seconds until you hear a descending chime. Wait 10 seconds and then press the button again to power on the Roam.

If this doesn’t work, you might consider resetting the Roam by following the steps in this article:

Thanks GS.  Issue resolved !  After a bit of trawling around, it was an OS problem (Operator Stupidity).  Paired one device. Turned it off then on again.  Held the pair button down again for 2-3 seconds and it suddenly went into pairing mode again, allowing me to connect the second device.  Why it didn’t work like this yesterday I don’t know (but I was hungover…..😀).

appreciate the help everyone.