Original name reused after reset

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I have two Sonos Moves (not stereo pair). Originally named PatioSonos and GarageSonos.

After some issues (notably with Apple Music). I decided to start again; I reset both Moves, reset the apps and went through the transfer ownership routine.

Then set up again this time with names Patio and Garage.

One or other Sonos app (using iPad and Mac) changes BOTH names to PatioSonos. Changing them to Patio and Garage again only lasts a few minutes.

Changing one would be annoying but livable with; changing both is not just poor QA on the Sonos software but makes using awkward (as a minimum, I have to test play to determine which is which!).

Any ideas/suggestions to really reset to factory settings appreciated...

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Do you have Apple Homekit? That is usually the culprit when this happens.  I have not yet seen an example where it was the Sonos software that was responsible for this.

Your Sonos speakers are really being reset.

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I do have Apple HomeKit. Currently my Sonos app is showing just ‘Garden’ on (Patio is off) but HomeKit is offering ‘PatioSonos’ …

So, perhaps you are correct? I have removed the Sonos from HomeKit to see if the issue goes away.


I think it will go away - please let the Community know either way - it is useful to know.

I am not an Apple user but I assume you could put Sonos back into Homekit if you wanted to, provided the names in Homekit match Sonos.

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Just done some tests and it IS HomeKit that changes the name!

Setting the name to something new in HomeKit changes it everywhere…

Changing the name to something else in Sonos app is ignored by HomeKit - after a few minutes there is no change to either (unlike previously) so I have ‘patio’ in Sonos app and Patio2 in HomeKit (which won't allow Patio because that is the name of a room...).

will update if HomeKit forces the change later.

Thanks for posting back.

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Interesting that, after six hours, HomeKit has NOT forced a change this time. I still have ‘Patio’ showing in the Sonos app and ‘Patio2’ in HomeKit.

I wonder if the original issue was because of a different sequence during setup?

To be honest, I’ve never really “known” what and when HomeKit causes the re-name, just that it always has been the culprit, at least so far. 

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Common enough problem to get its on KB article: Sonos room names changing on their own | Sonos

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I wish the Sonos search had found this (would have saved a couple of days frustration!!)

I wish the Sonos search had found this (would have saved a couple of days frustration!!)

Yes the search on here is unbelievably useless. There is a much better chance of finding relevant threads with a Google site search or even a general Google search. 

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I wish the Sonos search had found this (would have saved a couple of days frustration!!)

I searched with Bing:

site:sonos.com rename

and it went directly to it.

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it gets worse!!

HomeKit still shows Garden and Patio2 which were in the Sonos app until a couple of days ago. Now the app shows BOTH as ‘Garden’ - they are not a stereo pair and are not grouped.

Not impressed...


It sounds like somewhere in the process the two devices that appear in Homekit are both linked (in Homekit's mind) to the same Sonos device.  There was something earlier in the thread that had already made me think that was likely.

Edit. Ah yes. They were both changing to PatioSonos in your original post. Maybe when you set up the second Sonos the first Sonos was powered off? Just guesswork.

You might like to start again. Or ditch Homekit.