No Ok handshake during bluetooth pairing

  • 18 January 2023
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Trying to pair my Move to a Bluetooth transmitter I grabbed off Amazon. The transmitter doesn't have a screen or OK button. Is there anyway to get the Move to pair without the confirmation handshake that the other device sees it? 


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Hi @TipsEZ 

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The Move is the client device in a Bluetooth connection, which means the connection is managed by the other device. I can only recommend you get in touch with the manufacturer of your Bluetooth transmitter.

I hope this helps.


In many cases, a BT Transmitter device will flash an LED light when it is in ‘pairing’ mode and when it pairs with a Move it’s light will usually immediately stop flashing …and the Sonos Move, in a similar way and at the same time, switches from its pairing mode with ‘flashing’ blue status LED to having a steady constant glowing blue LED when successfully paired. You will also hear an earcon sound that confirms the successful pairing and simply playing music to the speaker will then confirm the pairing.

I would check the user manual for the TX pairing method and just ensure that the Move is in pairing mode and nearby (within one metre) when attempting the setup and that it is not connecting to a previously paired device nearby, like your mobile phone, or tablet etc.