New Roams Deplete Their Batteries! (Yay!)

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Pretty funny, I’m trying to dictate this as I’m waiting for the Sonos music to stop playing. (I hit the pause button, but, of course, nothing’s happening). Ironic because I have only one, late model, fully updated router in my house. Oh, well.

the current issue is that I have a brand new pair of roams, and I left them unplugged, and this morning one had 74%, and the other was fully depleted. True, the depleted one was plugged in for less time. I own many devices, however, of course, not my cell phone, that do not deplete their batteries, they simply shut down when they’re not used for a period of time.

That would be great. I guess maybe when Sonos support and software programming becomes a bit more robust, “things will fall into place.”

The previous pair I had ordered and realized they were going to wrong address, and I submitted a correction pursuant to your fancy system within two minutes of the order, but, of course, that was too late, and you just shipped it there and there was nothing I could do.

PS – nothing I could do on my phone would stop the music from playing. I turned off and on the Wi-Fi on my phone, again my router is new, Verizon FiOS, recently rebooted, closed the Sonos app, reopened it, and it said there’s no music in the queue and it wouldn’t update. So finally, I of course pressed the button on the speaker, but, this is all just so completely ridiculous. It’s too bad your speakers sound really good in general.

Keep up the great work! 

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