My MOVE stopped working

  • 1 June 2023
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I have a 2yo MOVE and using quite frequently. Starting yesterday it just blinked orange indicating low battery even though it was stationed on the base as it usually is. Tried to connect it to other plugs to see if that worked but nothing. Just kept on blinking. It seemed it reacted when I replaced it on the base as the orange light stayed on for a second before starting blinking again but today it’s completely dead and I can’t do anything. Connected it to usb charging instead but nothing. Tried to remove and hold the power button 15 sec as I saw in another thread. Nothing. 

What can I do? The electricity is working in the house so it’s not that. 


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1 reply

I recommend contacting SONOS support. I don’t recall any similar reports here. This could be a midlife hardware failure that we will learn more about as we go along. I’m suspicious of battery failure and the battery can be user replaced.

Note that most common USB chargers don’t have enough “beef” to charge MOVE. Here are some charger notes.