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  • 1 March 2024
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We have a samsung the frame TV in the kitchen and the speakers are really poor for the size of the room, we currently have a one under the TV we use for radio ETC. I sometimes use a Bluetooth speaker connected to the TV to get a better sound, and this got me thinking about a move. 


Does anyone know if you can connect a sub/other speakers to the move, when it is being used as the primary source of audio ie when being used as a bluetooth speaker ? 


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1 reply

According to the FAQ on the Sub’s sales page:

Sub can only be paired with any amplified, non-portable Sonos products, including soundbars, amplifiers, and speakers. Sub will not pair with Move, Roam, Port, or Connect.

I think the Move gen 2 has picked up the ability that was brought in by the Roam to pass on the Bluetooth signal to any ‘grouped’ Sonos room, though, so it would be feasible to group your Move gen 2 with another room that has a bonded Sub in it. This is a long and tenuous way to avoid a Sonos soundbar, and I’d be a little concerned about the compression inherent in Bluetooth affecting the stereo signal. And I would also be somewhat concerned about lipsync, since I wouldn’t be able to control the delay inherent in decoding and passing on a Bluetooth signal. Might not be noticeable…but seems extremely unlikely.