Move 2 Battery Drains in Sleep Mode

  • 4 February 2024
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Just spent many hundreds of dollars on a wonderful – sounding pair of move 2 speakers. It appears that sleep mode does not always remain engaged, but I am certain of this: one of the new move 2 speakers was definitely indicating it had been and was in sleep mode (I checked it after not doing anything overnight, and it was sitting there supposedly in sleep mode, that’s what it said), but the battery had drained down to 2%, and it was fully charged the day before.

it is of course frustrating to have drained a new battery nearly down to zero, when the advanced-technology Move 2 was in sleep mode.

It would be great if sleep mode didn’t drain the battery.

Thank you. 

4 replies

Also, not sure why you would advertise increased battery life, when this product just drained the battery down almost all the way, in sleep mode.

Pretty slick!

What are the two battery saving settings set to in the App? The battery here on my Move 2 lasts for ages? Are you aware that the App wakes the speaker from sleep using a WOL packet? - that’s ‘by design’.

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Even in always on status, but not playing anything, the battery should not drain from completely charged to 2% within one day. 
I would call Sonos support to do some analysis on your device. 

Have you confirmed that the unit will reach 100%? We want to rule out silly things, such as a charger base issue before wasting time. I suggest that you submit a series of diagnostics and note each confirmation number along with the time of day.

Submit one now, start charging the unit and submit every hour or so until the unit is 100%. (This will not be an all day project) After the unit is fully charged, remove it from the charger and follow-up with another diagnostic the next day.