move 2 as first speaker? Future vinyl use

I just moved to a new place and i’m looking for a first speaker. Since the budget isn’t gigantic i was thinking for a few years to buy a move 2 put it ob my kitchen island that also connects to my living room. It was that or 2 x Era 100.

Now my second question, if i buy the move 2 does it have a line in for a future vinyl player? Or can i later on connect a Era 100 to my vinyl player and let it stream to a Move 2 in another room?

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You can connect a turntable (with a built-in phono preamp) to the Move 2 using the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

I bought a Move 2 for this reason. It connects through Bluetooth to my vinyl player than acts as a go-between to connect to my Sonos amp which plays through speakers around my house. I don’t have an adapter but the Bluetooth works great.

I should add that many people in this forum are having connectivity issues with the Move 2 now after the recent app update and it no longer connects to an existing Sonos system.  I’ve spent hours trying to fix it and I’m ready to just return it.  I’m not sure I’d recommend any Sonos products unless you already have an existing system that you need to add to.