MacOS, Sonos, Airplay, Move

  • 18 May 2022
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I have a webpage on my screen with 10 links to bandcamp songs. I click a link to play it. It plays instantly through my headphones. I select Sonos Move portable through my Airplay selections for sound output, and it switches to that. It works.

I now wait a few seconds and click the link to the second song. Nothing happens. I switch to headphones. It works fine. I switch back to Sonos Move. It starts playing again on my move.

Why is Sonos and Airplay like this? I don’t understand. The Sonos App itself plays music fine when I select Move. But for whatever reason, it loses track of being selected from MacOS.

Is this a known issue with an easy fix? It has ticked me off for at least six months now.


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1 reply

There appears to be quite a few issues with MacOS & Airplay. See below links…

The above are just a few of a good many sites I came across, when I googled ‘MacOS Airplay issue’.

I suspect your question here, is perhaps one for the Apple Community, or maybe speak with Apple Support about the matter, which I agree, sounds quite frustrating.