Machine Gun/Jackhammer Glitch - Not Just Beam

  • 9 February 2022
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I’ve seen a few posts here and elsewhere about the so-called “Machine Gun” or “Jackhammer” glitch, usually related to the Beam (Gen 2). As well as being a long-time member here, I am also a member of various related Facebook groups. For the benefit of others, I would like to inform the community that the glitch has been discussed at least once in relation to an Arc, and I also experienced the same fault in a Roam. In my case the problem took a few months to work through with tech support, because unlike the mains powered devices, the Roam only exhibited the sound for a few seconds before it fell offline. My Roam also exhibited a power retention problem with the battery that was either related or unrelated, so it has been replaced under warranty for another reason.

Anyway, if you are experiencing this glitch and cannot explain it to anyone, this YouTube video helped me put a name to the problem.

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I would like to also provide my experience with this glitch on the Sonos beam 2 that could help others.

In my case it was du to a faulty unit (the simplest explanation is often the right one) as the store where a have bought it sent me a replacement one and I’ve not had the issue since.

Here are some simple tests that can be done:

  1. Try the beam with no HDMI device connected (to eliminate the possibility of a bad return signal)
  2. Try running the beam hardwired by ethernet(to eliminate the possibility of a WIFI interference)
  3. Try disabling voice assistant (to eliminate the possibility of a incompatible home device)
  4. Try another power socket (to eliminate a possibility of an electric interference)
  5. Try a factory reset 

If all these fail then I believe there is a strong chance sure that it is a hardware issue independent from your setup.


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