Macbook air 2015 with Mojave OS (10.14.6) cannot detect Sonos Roam via bluetooth

  • 11 August 2021
  • 3 replies


Hi all,

My ipad and iphone were able to connect without any issues via blue tooth to my Roam. However, my mac seem not to be able to detect the Roam at all. Any fix for that?

Already tried rebooting the system on both Roam and my mac (I got two Roams) and none of these worked.



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3 replies

Any chance this is an M1 Mac? There’s been reported issues, although to my memory more with AirPlay 2 than with bluetooth.

However, you do need to turn off the bluetooth on your iPad and iPhone in order to connect with your Mac. The Roam will connect to the first available bluetooth signal it sees, so if either of them are within range, the Roam will connect to them first. 

I guess I should say, unlike wifi, Bluetooth is a single connection protocol. If it connects to one device, it won’t be “seen” by any other device. You can’t have multiple simultaneous connections to a bluetooth device at a single time, to my knowledge. 

Apple deals with this in a special way with their AirPods, but you still can only use a single device at a time to send music to them. 



My macbook air is an old 2015 model. I eventually got it connected like you suggest. However, every time I stopped using it. I need to go through turning Roam off/on and again and took sometime to be able to reconnect via the Bluetooth again. 


This is quite a hassel compared to Bose soundlink (got it since 2015), in which you just turn the speaker on and it would connect to its default device right away. 


Any fixes?