Left Roam on wireless charge all night and has flashing orange light and won't turn on

  • 25 April 2021
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Left the Roam on wireless charge and has flashing orange light constantly (low battery) and won't turn on, it was not in use and had previously charged on this wireless charger no problem.



Seems to be charging with cable now, seems like the wireless charger didn’t charge the device despite it working previously, the charger was in spec so no idea why it hasn’t charged by wireless but definitely something I need to look at as wireless charging is important. I used the same plug to charge the device by cable and no problem.

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1 reply

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Hi @jds992 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for updating the current situation.

Wireless charging is always slower than when done via a cable - even when using the same charger. There’s a good explanation of why here: https://www.reviewgeek.com/35657/why-are-wireless-chargers-so-slow/

I suspect (due to the orange flashing light) that the battery was very low and it just needed a lot longer to charge than the last time (if the time it worked was the first charge, the Roam will have come with 50% charge so there would have been less work to do).

If this doesn’t fit your experience, I recommend a full reboot of the Roam - if that hasn’t been tried already - as described on our Reboot Sonos products page.

Please also make sure that you’re fully up-to-date with Sonos updates - Settings » System » System Updates » Check for updates.