Is my Sonos Roam Wireless Charger Broken or Defective?

  • 13 June 2021
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I have two Roam. They are really nice, but charging them has been a real source of frustration.


I originally pre-ordered a Roam along with a Sonos wireless charger for it. All was great and I loved it. I ordered two more along with two more Sonos wireless chargers (one Roam and charger are a gift). The chargers were backordered, so they came just a few weeks ago.


So here's my issue:


The original Sonos wireless charger had been kinda finicky about charging the Roam after a week or two, ever since I set up the second Roam. I just attributed it to not being 100% properly lining up with the charger base. This got progressively worse then I plugged both Roam into a 24W Belkin 2 A port charging brick (one USB and one wireless charger) and things were better. When the wireless chargers that were backordered came in I plugged it in to the same charger and things seemed fine for a few weeks. Yesterday I noticed my pre-ordered Roam was low on charge and not charging.


Here's what I did to troubleshoot last night and today:


1. I put the Roam on the other Sonos wireless charger and the Roam started charging.

2. I put the other Roam on the Sonos wireless charger that appeared to be having issues and it wouldn't charge either.

3. I just for sanity's sake tried USB charging both Roam and had no issues.

4. I tried three different outlets with the Sonos wireless charger having issues and none caused it to start charging my Roam


I would like some input as to what else to try or if I should try to return/replace it. Do you think I got a defective wireless charger?


Thanks in advance.


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2 replies

It seems that you have a defective SONOS charger. I recommend contacting SONOS phone support.

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It seems that you have a defective SONOS charger. I recommend contacting SONOS phone support.

They aren't open on Sundays, so I thought I'd post here, just in case. But yeah, tomorrow I'm definitely calling.