Is My Roam Dead? Won't power on.

  • 24 April 2021
  • 76 replies

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76 replies

I have 2 Roams (paired), both are now dead.  All current on S2 etc..  Cant’ reset them using the hard reset process.  No go.  Very disappointed.  Calling support tomorrow to see what they say.  Both worked fine until pulled off of the recharge platforms and used remotely until they ran out of juice … once the battery expired… they crapped out and never came back.   I’m a big Sonos customer (and fan) and I must say this product is a big negative customer experience and needs a major look at or upgrade/exchange.

My Roams can both be off their charger for literally several weeks and they still work okay. Each one powers on immediately when returned to its charger - I keep the battery and WiFi power-saver features enabled at all times, so if I forget to power them off, or put them into standby, they switch off by themselves.

I have had them since the Roam first came out. I would have thought if there is a light showing, then the battery is able to be recharged, but maybe needs a 5v/3A (15w) USB-C charger to help kick it back into life.