If I hook up a boost to my system will my Roam still play in sync with the other speakers

As noted I would like to hook up a Boost to handle my existing speakers 10 all in but also have a Roam.  I know that the Roam is not compatible with Boost but will it still run off my wifi and sync with them when in everywhere mode?


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Thanks.  It says if you have a certain speaker thats a problem put the Boost in between the router and speaker but does this not need to be ethernet wired to the router to work?

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Normal use for a Boost would be for it to cable connected to your router and to start your Sonosnet from it. I seem to remember however that the Boost can also be a “node” in the system, like a speaker can be.

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Why do you want a Boost?

That really needs to be the first question asked as most of the time one will do little or nothing for your Sonos setup if you are able to wire any Sonos to Ethernet instead.

Another Boost concern is that it is listed in the “Last Call” section of the Sonos store.