I Don't Think I Can Buy Sonos Products Anymore

  • 17 April 2021
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I Don't Think I Can Buy Sonos Products Anymore - The reliance on the S2 App is just not acceptable for products at this price point. 


To date I have a Sonos 5 Stereo Pair and a Sub working fine and being recognized by the app.


I ordered a Sonos Move and and PreOrdered a Roam at the same time. As the Move arrived first, it would not be found in the S2 App - I jumped though all the troubleshooting hoops and still nothing...so I returned it in hopes that the Roam would work.


Today is my birthday and the Roam arrived, same thing...completely dead in the water. There is no reason why these products cannot just connect via Bluetooth like the 1,000s of other competitor products out there. It’s mind numbing trying to wait on the S2 App to figure things out. 


Once it gets to the WiFi part it chokes and takes minutes to try and connect and I have done all the required troubleshooting steps. I have wasted so much time on trying to get the Move to work that I don’t think I can justify the same thing with the Roam. 

So for that reason...I Don't Think I Can Buy Sonos Products Anymore.

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7 replies

Hi. There really is nothing wrong with S2. There will be a network related reason for this. What router do you have? Any access points or extenders?

Bluetooth? For a multiroom system?

Jables McAdoo,
I’m surprised that you didn’t post/ask any questions here, before you returned the Sonos Move. What did happen with any contact with Sonos Support (level 1, or 2) before the RMA for that speaker?

More information would be needed about your Network & Roam device-setup process that you have encountered, before anyone here would likely be able to suggest some things to try. 

The fact two devices have not been able to be setup, ‘infers’ it’s ‘possibly’ something local and possibly wireless network or mobile controller-device related.

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Wait -what!  So buried in the list of complaints here - he got his Roam already?  How do I not have mine yet?   I preordered as soon as it was possible. 

Wait -what!  So buried in the list of complaints here - he got his Roam already?  How do I not have mine yet?   I preordered as soon as it was possible. 

It is the OP’s Birthday.!!😂 ha ha (Special delivery perhaps?).

It is odd though that no questions were asked by him here in the community, when the ‘Move’ setup wouldn’t work for him?

@John B - Thanks for your response. I already have a paired Sonos 5 System w/ Sub + a Sonos One in another room without having to get finicky with my network - None of my other IoT devices require this level of hand holding so I’m really not interested in tooling around with my network for a device I bought for Kayaking - Hence the name Roam, right??


See the 1st screenshot - these instructions do absolutely nothing at all unfortunately.


Oddly enough, now it shows up in the system area now but as Offline - no instructions from here.


I’m about a week away from returning and washing my hands of Sonos as I’m not interested in doing a deep dive into my network to connect what should be normal Bluetooth connections.


Thanks if you have any advice!



This portal has also been brutal.