How to connect Sonos Move for live streaming on LAN?

  • 26 May 2023
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We bought from you two Sonos Move boxes. We tried to set up one of them and the process was pretty straightforward and we are able to configure and control it from Android and Windows through your applications and our WiFi LAN. We played some music from Spotify to test the product.

Our problem is as follows:

We have a hall (a church but it doesn’t matter in our discussion) in which we have microphones tied to a Windows laptop. We receive the sound in this laptop and we can hear it in a sound processing program (Audacity - for conformity).

How can we send this sound in Sonos boxes? (We are not interested in playing internet sound streaming through them - just the sound from our local hall - the church).

We want a local soulution through our LAN.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!



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4 replies

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Simply… You have bought the wrong devices for your application.

Simply… You have bought the wrong devices for your application.

Why? I saw that they support something like „Media Server(s)” but I don’t know how to set them up.

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The delay introduced by Sonos in conjunction with a microphone make it unsuitable.

If your intent is to use SONOS as a PA system, I’ll repeat Belly M’s comment: SONOS is not designed for use as a PA system.

If your computer or mixer supports AirPlay 2, you could use this to send audio to a pair of MOVE’s. Another approach would be to add a SONOS unit offering Line-In, such as FIVE, PORT, or AMP. Line-In can accept output from most mixers.

While I’ve never attempted this, there may be a PLEX hack to send audio to SONOS.