How to Connect MOVE to second WIFI

  • 22 November 2020
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I’ve read all the other posts and none of the suggestions or documentation are working. I took my brand new Move with me on vacation and trying to connect to wifi. There’s now intermediate wifi sign in at this location. But nothing I do will see my Move. Frustrating because it’s called a MOVE and yet so difficult to move… I’ve taken my play one’s to new locations with no issue.

Any suggestions? Mobile app on the wifi, I say add product, it looks and looks and looks and nothing. I try resetting the app, then when I sign in, it does the same.

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2 replies

When you say ‘intermediate WiFi sign in’, does that mean a web page that requires aN account no password? Sonos has never worked with that sort of system, if you look back over the years, the suggestion has always been a travel router, which you can sign in to that sort of WiFi connection, and creates your own wifi that your devices connect to. 

A Move can also be set up as a simple Bluetooth speaker, although you don’t have the use of the Sonos software/connection at that point. But you could certainly stream music from your phone. 

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Just an addition: for Sonos to work your phone must be able to connect to the speaker via wifi (unless you use bluetooth on a Move). On hotel and company networks this feature is not possible for security reasons.