How do I connect Move speakers on Sonos network using Boost?

  • 29 November 2020
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Starting a new Sonos system with all new Sonos 2 equipment. Got and connected two Move speakers to my home network. Two days later I received a Boost and connected it to my Orbi router with an ethernet cable. I expected the Moves would “see” and connect to the new Sonos network automatically. Didn’t happen.

The Moves work on what shows as the home network, no mention of a Sonos network, but I don’t trust that will continue. I had a lot of drop out issues with an older Sonos system until I ethernet connected one of the components to the router and set up a dedicated Sonos network. After that, all was fine.

The IP addresses for all three are the same with the exception of the last two digits. The Boost is WM:0, the two Moves are WM:1. Is this as it should be?

I have more Sonos 2 product on order and want to get this worked out before tackling the rest of it.


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6 replies

Move doesn’t connect to SonosNet. It only uses WiFi (2.4GHz or 5GHz).

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I thought, but wasn’t sure I read that elsewhere, thanks for the clarification. I have an Arc, sub, and a few Sonos Ones on order. Will all of that connect through Boost?

Yes, those will all operate in SonosNet (‘wired’) mode if there’s a wired device such as the Boost. 

Because Move is portable, the logic was that it should only work on WiFi otherwise the SonosNet mesh would have to keep readjusting as Move, well, moved. This could have disrupted the rest of the system.

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Glad to hear it. Should I expect any dropping connectivity issues with the Moves as happened with my S1 system until I did the ethernet connection? I’m still suffering some Sonos PTSD from countless hours and calls to support sorting that out.

No guarantees obviously, but I doubt you’ll have problems with the Move on WiFi. It’s been designed for it. Assuming of course that the local WiFi coverage is adequate...

Come back here if you have any issues following installation. It’s shocking to admit, but there are some fellow users here with more experience than Sonos Support. We don’t have access to system diagnostics, but there’s some user-accessible info about SonosNet which can shed some light.

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Thanks again, ratty. Fingers crossed for the new stuff but nice to know there is help here if needed.