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  • 17 September 2022
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I have had a Sonos Arc connected to my tv in my family room for about a year. I just bought a Move to use outside and in other rooms. I want to group or pair my Arc with my Move when watching TV or listening to music. I know it will not be surround sound. 

I added the Move to the Sonos app 

In the Sonos app under Settings, the Group options is grayed out. 

is this possible or the Move basically be a standalone speaker?


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3 replies

You can only ‘group’ the Arc & Move together, it can’t be ‘bonded’ to the Arc. See this link on how to group/ungroup rooms/devices:

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The “Groups” section in the app is only for 3+ rooms.

There’s a couple of ways you can group the Arc and Move together.

Firstly, in the Now Playing screen for the Arc, click on the symbol to the right of the volume slider. The option to group the Move will appear.

Or whilst playing on the Arc, press and hold the Play button on the Move and it will automatically form a group with the Arc.

If you’re talking about the named group presets, you can’t create any when there are only two rooms in the system as ‘Everywhere’ suffices.

Just group the rooms as normal.