Getting my Sonos Roam to work reliably

  • 24 March 2024
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I have a Sonos Roam.  I use it as a speaker for my iPhone15 and both are relatively close together and to me.  Sometimes there’s no problem.  There’s a blue/white light next to the Sonos name and I can connect thru Bluetooth and play my music without an issue.  But then I try to do it again and there’s a little red light on the opposite front area and it won’t connect - very irritating.  For instance earlier today I played music thru the Sonos just fine = then tonight, tried to reconnect and play again, - no more white/blue light, the red light was there, plenty of power/battery and it is listed in my Bluetooth settings but isn’t found.  I try to go thru the connections to the ‘system’ which doesn’t work.  Then just now it’s on and receiving the music and all is fine.  I just want to have it be a reliable speaker.


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I suspect a hardware issue. I recommend submitting a diagnostic while the system is working as expected (log the confirmation number), again after a failure, and finally after you recover from a failure. Contact SONOS phone support to discuss.