Don't buy Sonos Roam, continues to disconnect from Wifi

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Don't waste money buying Sonos Roam, does not stay connected

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does not stay connected

As a blanket statement this is plainly nonsense.

If you want assistance with your specific Roam then reconnect it, submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos Support with the confirmation number.

If you’re simply here to vent, well, hopefully you feel better now.

I have no issues with the Roam devices here - in fact I went travelling/glamping with a Roam last weekend and it was fine for music all over the Bank holiday period.. I even used the Roam as a Bluetooth speaker connected to a portable TV and that not only improved the TV stereo sound, but it played for several hours in perfect lip-sync as we watched several shows and movies.

Its a great ‘versatile’ portable speaker that works well IMHO.