Connecting Sonos Move to wifi in new location—account and settings greyed out

  • 1 April 2023
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Hi—we have a Sonos Move that is about 2+ years old.  We had it connected to wifi at our old location.  We recently moved to a new house in a remote location, with a different wifi network.  When we moved, we just unplugged the Move and brought it with us.  I’d like to connect it to our new network. I’ve tried using the Sonos app (S2) to connect the Move to the new network, and have followed the instructions, but no luck.  On the Sonos app, my account, system, and services are all greyed out.  I’ve checked and my iPad has an up to date, compatible OS.   Is there a way to fix this without having to call customer service?  I’ve seen reference to trying a wired Ethernet connection, but that is not accessible to us here.  Please be kind and clear…I’m an older person and not by any means a techie!  😊. Thanks for any help. 


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6 replies

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I believe you need to Reset your Move so it is no longer setup for your old Wi-Fi network.

Go to this Sonos web page and follow the instructions under Sonos Move.

Hold off on the Factory Reset for a bit because this will trash your music service registrations and any SONOS Playlists.

Do you have any other SONOS units?

In the other house we’re you using S1 or S2?

Hi all—thanks so much for the responses.  I tried the factory reset because I wasn’t worried about music registrations and I don’t have any Sonos playlists.  The reset process appears to have gone properly.  I also updated the app. But the app still shows my account, system and services menus all greyed out, and it says “unable to find Sonos system”.  I have no other Sonos products.  I was probably on S1 app before, but I’m not sure.  Any suggestions?

If you haven’t updated anything for a while, uninstall the SONOS controller App and install the S1 App. If  the S1 controller offers to update to S2, go ahead.

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Hi @True134 

If you reset the Move and it is your only Sonos device, you will now need to “Set up a new Sonos System” from within the Sonos app. You can do this from the “Let’s fix it” notification, or you can reset the Sonos app and start from scratch. Please note that you can (and should) use your existing Sonos account when setting up the new system.

I hope this helps.