Connecting linked Fives to Bluetooth via Roam

  • 11 December 2023
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I want to buy a pair of Fives for my room. They’ll be linked/paired as a stereo pair. 

Can I connect them to a Roam device over WiFi and play music from them via Bluetooth through the Roam (using the Roam as a gateway)?  E.g. I want to stream some YouTube music from my phone. I would stream it via Bluetooth to the Roam and then through that to the Fives. 

If not, I guess the only way is to plug in a Bluetooth receiver via the line-in connection?  And if so, could I do that and still have the music play over the linked pair?




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6 replies

Yes. Stream the Bluetooth to the Roam, then use the Sonos controller to group the two rooms together. 

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You might find the Bluetooth receiver hooked one of the Five’s line-in jacks more convenient. You’d still have the other input jack available for a turntable or the like.

Either way the Fives won’t give up any other options for music sources.

Thanks both.  @Stanley_4  why would I find the receiver more convenient?

Either way the Fives won’t give up any other options for music sources.


And sorry what do you mean by this - I wouldn’t be able to use YouTube as a source from my phone?

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You could play directly from the Fives without having to Group them with the Roam.

No I tried to say you wouldn’t give up options, not that you would.


Thanks @Stanley_4