Can't group stereo-paired Move speakers with my gen2 Play:5

  • 18 April 2021
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At my office, I’ve successfully set up and stereo paired 2 Move speakers and also wirelessly set up my Gen2 Play:5 to the same wifi network (both listed as WM: 1). I have no problems playing music on either the Move speakers or just on the Play:5. When I start playing on the Move speakers or the Play:5 and then group with the other Room, the Sonos app shows the little music playing bars on both rooms. But no sound comes out of the speaker(s) I just checked to be grouped. So, if I’m playing on the Play:5 and check to group the Move speakers, all looks normal on the Sonos 2 app but no sound comes from the Move speakers. And vice versa - start with the Move speakers, group with the Play:5, get no sound from the Play:5.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but I think I read in some Sonos community thread that problems grouping with Moves could be alleviated by setting up the Move speakers on the 5Ghz band and maybe selecting a different channel. This is a little out of my depth, but I don’t see anywhere in the Sonos app how to determine what band my Moves are on let alone how to change the band or tweak the channels. I only see from my Sonosnet setup that I have with my Sonos speakers at my home that you can change the channels, but obviously, with all speakers at my office set up wirelessly, that option is not available. 

Would appreciate any suggestions to fix my office grouping issue. Thanks.


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Hi @MidF, welcome to the community.


In this case I’d recommend reproducing the issue, submitting a system diagnostic and getting in touch with our support team. There’s likely information contained in the diagnostic that would help us understand exactly what’s happening here but that’s not something we can perform on the community. As a side note, changing the 5GHz channel wouldn’t be performed in the Sonos app, rather that setting is contained in your router.