Can Roam connect to Boost as opposed to my general wifi?

  • 20 April 2021
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My new Roam wants to connect through a pop up in the Sonos App and I can’t find a way (having reset twice so far) to get the Roam connected to Sonos Boost and not the general home wifi. It will only show in the Sonos System Info in the About My System as WM 1 while all other products are WM 0. It will be frustrating if the Roam cannot benefit from the Boost while at home and therefore suffers the very same problems that caused me to get the Boost in the first place. 


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3 replies

Roam only connects to WiFi, the same as Move.

I have, in the meantime, spoken with Sonos who confirmed that, like the Move, the Roam cannot join the SonosNET of the Boost. However, unlike the issues I faced with One G2’s and Beam, the Roam will have no issue with my wifi extenders, and so should face less trouble. Also, with the Boost taking care of all other Sonos products, the Roam will have less competition at home anyway. There’s 100 days money-back guarantee behind it in case it really is still an issue. Let’s see. I hope it works out as so far it is very impressive for the size and it will be great for camping/caravan holidays and barbeques, let alone for in the bathroom during a long soak, provided the wifi connection works fine. From that perspective, my issue will be with my wifi as opposed to the Roam, even though a connection to Boost would be my preference. 

If Sonos Support gave the green light to your WiFi extenders I’m surprised, assuming they really are extenders not WiFi mesh nodes. Extenders are not officially supported. If the Roam is connected to an extender an error message may appear if you attempt to group it with other players.

When Move was launched there was much discussion about it not connecting to SonosNet. The logic behind this is that it’s movable, so participating in the SonosNet mesh would mean that the wireless topology would regularly be upset, potentially causing instability in the system.